Liposuction – Is It Worth It?

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The ideal liposuction candidates are patients who have a stable body weight, and do not need a weight loss method. Liposuction is ideal for people who want to remove facts from specific places in their body and anyone who can get this surgery.non-surgical-liposuction

The end result is that you will have a body which is sculpted in a way you have wanted, and you will get a shape you have desired. A lot of patients only wish for their bodies to look slimmer and more toned, and this certainly is something you can accomplish with liposuction. But you have to remember that since liposuction does not remove stretch marks and cellulite, some patients may have lumps and bumps after the liposuction. lipo7bThis usually happens if your surgeon pulls out too much of your body fat which in return shows off all the imperfections of your body.

Do not expect that you will immediately look skinny after the surgery. The final result will only be visible a couple of months after the procedure. You will need to maintain a healthy lifestyle, eating well, exercising and maybe even use a waist trainer to get the best results. But the final question it is whether liposuction is worth it?

While the media can make liposuction seem very easy, popular, and common among people nowadays, you should not forget that liposuction is still a surgery which is being performed by surgeons in an operating room and which can lead to different complications.

waist-liposuction-before-and-after-photos-2For some people their appearance is more important than their health, and they would risk their health to get to the desired and perfect appearance. Since liposuction cannot be performed on people who are overweight, and since it is not a weight loss method, it is debatable whether a liposuction is really necessary for the majority of people who are willing to undergo this procedure. If you already have a normal weight, rather than rushing to your surgeon to make an appointment maybe you should try to sculpt your body with exercise? Is a perfect body image is really worth all the bruising and oozing and bleeding and undergoing complete anesthesia?

For some people the answer is – definitely, yes! Still, undergoing liposuction is a decision which is not to be taken lightly, and you should talk to your surgeon and ask questions about the procedure, the risks, and as the possible complications, and then make your decision.liposuction-before-and-after1-1024x768

Some medical conditions however, may benefits from liposuction. Benign fatty tumors, called lipomas, can be removed with the liposuction. Also, gynecomastia, the condition which affects men causing them to develop fatty breast issue, which is rather feminine looking, can be reversed with liposuction. This condition can affect self-confidence in men, but luckily it is easily solved with liposuction. Another condition which can be somewhat concealed with liposuction is the lipodystrophy syndrome. This syndrome causes fat to be unevenly distributed throughout the body, and cause some parts of the body to have little or no fat. This is where liposuction comes in the picture to save the day and make lipodystrophy syndrome’s patients appear normal-looking.

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Before and After Liposuction

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Liposuction permanently removes fat cells from certain areas of your body, and you can in this way remove all the fat, but also you can tell your doctor that you want your fats to be placed elsewhere in your body. It is important to realize that liposuction is not our weight loss method or a treatment for obesity. Liposuction is the procedure which will sculpt your body, but it will not remove stretch marks, dimples or cellulite. Liposuction will make your body will perfectly toned, and you will achieve the desired look without having to exercise for it. Yours surgeon and it is your body’s sculptor. Still, a liposuction is a surgery, and it should not be taken lightly.tif-liposuction-p

Prior to Surgery

You should do research and some soul searching prior to having the liposuction treatment, this will make you certain about to your decision to have this surgery.

Before liposuction all you can think of is getting that perfect body image. But there are other things which are much more important for you to do prior your surgery than to worry about than your body image.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions.

health-graphics-20_1079623aYou should ask your surgeon relevant questions about the procedure and do some research about liposuction and it is risks, as well as the results of liposuction. Also prior your surgery you should maintain a healthy weight. Liposuction is not intended to be a treatment for our weight loss or obesity, rather is the way to distribute your fats where you think it should be. You should also understand that the recovery might be painful, and you should prepare yourself any complications which may occur during and after your procedure. Talk to your surgeon and followed the advice and directions they give you for in your behavior both prior to the surgery.

After Surgery

So… Where are the results?

After liposuction expect that you will not see the real results for a while. And by a while, what I mean is anywhere from a couple of months to six months, even. Even though, in the first days after the procedure you will be amazed by the results, the real results will take a couple for months to set in.

Supplements and OTC medications

You should avoid products such as aspirin, vitamin E, and some herbal products which may cause blood clotting. Also you should avoid anti-inflammatory medications, as they can increase your chances of bleeding. Try to avoid anti-inflammatory medications both prior and after the surgery.Lipo3

Honesty, honey, is the best policy!

Be honest with your Dr. about the medications and supplements you use, and follow their advice. Your surgeon will tell you which medications you can continue to take and which should be discontinued.

But, this is not what I wanted!

Also prepare yourself that the results might not be what you have expected. Sometimes liposuction can leave you look lumpy and bumpy, and this happens due to the fact that too much fat has been removed from the body, but the fibers and cellulite cannot be removed therefore their structure is more visible. Unfortunately, this even happened to some celebrities!

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Basics of Liposuction

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What Is Liposuction?

Liposuction, or lipoplasty, it is the surgical procedure in which fat is removed from the body in order to remodel the body. This cosmetic surgery allows patients to remove fat from their abdomen, thighs and buttocks, their neck, their arms, their hands, even. The fat which is removed by liposuction can be placed in a different place in your body in order to sculpt your body the way you want it to look. This is the easiest way to achieve the wanted look, since some parts of body can be rather difficult and sometimes even impossible to reshape with good old exercise methods.liposuction2

How is it performed?

Liposuction is performed on patients in a hospital, in an operation room, by surgeons who are specialized in performing liposuction in order to give their patients a better appearance. This surgery is performed on patients who have been aestheticized, which basically means you won’t remember any of the procedure. The surgeon takes a cannula, a hollow instrument, and inserts it just under your skin. That cannula is attached to a vacuum which uses high pressure to remove fat from your body through the cannula.

What Should I Ask?

liposuctionBefore going into surgery you should consult with your surgeon and prepare relevant questions for them. Yours surgeon should inform you of the end result, as well as possible dangers of having the surgery. You should trust your surgeon and understand your options. Your surgeon will be there to guide you through this process, and relieve the pressure and the anxiety you may feel. You should inquire with your surgeon whether you are a suitable candidate for liposuction and whether your surgeon has any doubts about performing this procedure on you. You should also ask your surgeon about post-operative procedures as well as any complications which may happen during or following the procedure. Gathering all the facts will give you the much needed information which will affect your decision whether you will follow through with the liposuction procedure. If you, or your surgeon, have any doubts about the procedure being performed, maybe you should put it off for a while, or cancel it altogether. Sometimes it is for the best that you cancel your surgery, which is still better than risking your life and putting your life on the line because of a cosmetic

What Should I Expect?

A lot of patients will expect to look skinny immediately after the procedure and this might not be a realistic demand. It is for the best that you consult your surgeon about the possible outcomes of the surgery and the expected results. Do keep in mind that you will have to go through a recovery process and it is highly advisable that you listen to the advice and instructions your surgeon will give you. This applies both to the advice applied to the actions you should take prior the surgery, and after the surgery.

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Having a Liposuction

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Get The Desired Appearance Without Breaking A Sweat!

Liposuction is a cosmetic surgery which is used on patients who wish to sculpt their bodies and appear slimmer and toned without having to break a sweat for these results. Liposuction is performed by cosmetic surgeons who take fats from various parts of your body using a hollow instrument called the cannula, which is attached to a high pressure vacuum.158913655_XS

Be A Work Of Art!

The fat which has been removed from your body can be placed back in your body on the place where you wish you had more fat. Unlike having the implants placed in your body, placing your fat is much more natural and it also looks more natural. Like an artist, your surgeon becomes your sculptor and you become a work of art!

Be Attractive!

If you choose to do this cosmetic surgery, it is safe to say that your body will appear smoother and more toned. People who choose to go to liposuction want to remove unnecessary fat from their bodies, and make them more attractive.

Be Like Your Role-models!

In America and the United Kingdom liposuction is the most common cosmetic operation, and the most popular one. Each year, over 400,000 procedures are carried out only in the USA.liposuction A lot of celebrities and socialites have contributed to the popularity of liposuction, since they have publicly popularized it. Also, there are TV shows and realities which show procedure and you can see them having a liposuction.


But there are also downsides to liposuction. Like any other surgery, liposuction too has its dangers. Any type of surgery caries certain risk with it, such as a risk of getting an infection, or bleeding, or adverse reaction to anesthesia. Prior to having a liposuction, you should be familiar with the risks you are exposing yourself to.


The tissues which have been treated basically have been irritated by the procedure, and sometimes the inflammation is present even six months after the surgery. Also some patients may experience fluid oozing from the incisions. Due to the inflammation to results of liposuction are not visible immediately after the surgery, and with some patients this process may last up to six months.


After liposuction some patients might experience bad bruising, especially those patients who have a tendency to bleed more. Also, patients who have been taking aspirin and other anti-inflammatory medications can expect to get bad bruises after the surgery due to these medicaments.ob_9a47f8_advantages-and-disadvantages-of-liposu


Liposuction can contribute to forming blood clots in your body, especially in the area of your knees and thighs.


Sometimes if too much fat is removed your skin may look unusual or show off unattractive lumps. This is due the fact that liposuction does not remove cellulite, only fat. Therefore, the fibers which remain might not appear smooth on the surface.

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